Flat roof home insurance

Historically, buildings with a flat roof may have created a higher than normal frequency of insurance claims due to water ingress and weather damage which may have led to damage or failure of the roof.

Thankfully the technology and materials used for the construction of a flat roof have advanced over the past few decades. Flat roof materials now include polymer modified bitumen roofing membranes which offer better performance and durability.

The use of flat roof structures in homes and property has been popular for many years. A building with a whole or partial flat roof can have advantages to normal pitched roof construction for example reduced building construction costs, maximizing the use of space or enabling the creation of attractive architectural or geometric shapes.

In addition high polymer sheeting materials such as plasticised PVC and torch on membranes mean that finding insurance for a building with a flat roof is now easier. At CanCanCover.com you can compare flat roof insurance quotes from a range of specialist home insurance providers.

Those looking for flat roof home insurance should always let their insurer know what percentage of their property roof is flat and which materials it is made from. This enables the insurer to allow for this in any flat roof home insurance premium quoted.

Today modern buildings make extensive use of flat roof structures and with materials such EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene PolyMethylene) membranes there is no reason why a flat roof will not be as weather-tight and provide sufficient heat retention and insulation as other forms of roof construction.

It is always worth checking the condition of your flat roof for insurance purposes so that you can carry out any maintenance or repairs to ensure it remains weatherproof. Why not get a flat roof home insurance quote today at CanCanCover.com

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